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Why Us?

Our Mission
We are striving to boost our works which will be provided to our customers in the worldwide that have been shaped dramatically a new characteristic and high efficiency and the high performance quality of IT demands.
Our Vision
Be known in the worldwide through fulfilling the high productivity and efficiency, and we are also striving to view extremely works of quality which will be incredibly helpful for them.
One of the amazing fulfilments in this company is reached to the several customers in Arab counties like United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many countries in Arab gulf. it also reached to the USA and Canada. It’s really has been encouraging our goals when we tend to meet clients need anyone from anywhere.

About ITG7


Information Technology Geek Seven

ITG7 – Information Technology geek seven is one of the biggest software companies in the middle east, it has founded since 2011 in Jordan and currently with more than 2,000 customers and 50,000 users worldwide,
it also aimed to present different solutions and services for both customers and academic students in line with future needs of software issues. Finally, it has called ITG7 company group.

Our Services

While we were able to offer you the best quality, and when we see that it is also important that we keep on improving our service.
We start by discussing exactly what it is you're looking for..

Social Media Marketing

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Web promotion

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Recent Education Works

Because ITG7 specialists work in many sectors either corporate training environments ,
We provide educational works that help you to .

ITG7 Chart Within 6 Yeas

Year - 2011

We have been Working on application using framework 3.0 .

Year - 2012

We have been Working on applications using framework 3.5 .

Year - 2013

We have been Working on applications using framework 4.0

Year - 2014

We have been Working on applications using framework 4.5 .

Year - 2015

We have been Working on application using framework 4.5 With SQL Server 2012.

Year - 2016

We have been Working on Cloud computing .

Meet Our Team

We're really proud of the team that we've fitted together, the ITG7 team is made up of highly-qualified, intelligent and clever IT professionals each with their own part of experience